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Security for residential property

Residential security is vital if you are ever going to have peace of mind at home. No one relishes the idea of not being able to provide a safe and secure place to raise your family or to dwell with your spouse or partner. Here at Cedar Park Locksmith we specialize in quality locksmith security for local homeowners. Of course you don’t have to live right here in the Cedar Park, TX metro area in order to make use of these ideas; put them to work in your locale and start enjoying enhanced security at home as early as today!

Home is more than a place to lay your head

Each home is different. You may live alone or with a spouse or partner. You may have children or roommates. Maybe you have live-in guests or family members. Lots of folks enjoy having pets. You also keep your belongings at home. Clothing, books, furniture, art, electronics, appliances, collectibles, and lots more. Don’t worry; it’s all protected by your front door lock; or is it? Here in Cedar Park, we have everything from mansions to entry level homes and apartments. All have locks on the doors guarding them from unwanted intruders. Are these locks good enough? Tradition and appearances say yes. We say NO! Standard door locks offer minimal security and 95% of them can be picked, pried or bumped open in mere seconds. We’ll advise you what you can do about that in a bit.

Your home needs protection from whom?

It’s not the Wild West anymore. There aren’t roving bands of outlaws or marauding Indians that we need protection from. Instead, modern homeowners seek protection from burglars, vagrants, human traffickers, rapists, thieves, kidnappers and more of the same. Even nosy neighbors or the mentally unstable need to stay out of your home unless invited in. One smart way to do this is to increase the security of your residential property.

Relax; no need for extremes!

You don’t need to worry about getting a security guard or a German Shepherd to patrol your property. Just take these few, simple precautions and you can enjoy enhanced security at home, 24-hours a day. Start by getting in the habit of locking your doors. Not just your front door needs locking; all of them do. This includes your front and back doors, your yard gate and the interior door to your garage. Good habits are learned over time so the sooner you and your loved ones start continually locking your doors, the more it will become second nature. What does this do? Many unwanted intruders simply walk into homes through an unlocked or propped open door. They often test the door first to see if it’s locked or they might ring the doorbell first to see if anyone is home.

The problem with basic locks

Your home has a lock on the front door. You bought it that way. It’s the law. No builder is going to sell a house with no lock on it; that would be illegal and stupid. No law however says that the lock has to be a good one; just a basic lock will do. Chances are, that’s what you got and chances are; that’s been good enough. Your better locks are considered upgrade options when buying a new home. Granite counters, hardwood floors, larger baseboards, extra electrical outlets, fireplaces and ceiling fans are other examples of upgrades. They are not usually standard and must be added later. The same goes for upgraded locks. If you are not buying your home brand new, the first buyer may not have upgraded your locks and owner after owner, the lock stayed in place and only the keys changed hands. Almost all of these basic locks are easy to bump, pick or pry open as they offer minimal security.

Upgrade your locks to better ones

It isn’t expensive to upgrade your locks to high security ones. Call your favorite local locksmith shop and get some price quotes. Ask for bump proof or high security lock hardware from quality brands like Medeco, Baldwin, Schlage or Sentry. These locks are made of solid steel parts and cannot be accessed by conventional methods.


Add a good deadbolt lock to your door. Doing so will frustrate any burglar to the point of moving on to easier pickings. Why should they bypass your main lock and then try to do the same with your deadbolt, giving you time to arm yourself or call police?

Security doors and gates

If you are like the majority of homeowners, you get strangers coming up to your door all the time.  These can include next door neighbors, salespeople, delivery drivers, missionaries, landscapers, friends and relatives. Most people will go ahead and answer the door, but a much safer way to do this is with an iron security door in place. A strong, well made and installed security door constructed of ornamental iron allows you to leave your door open and allow fresh air in and also to answer your door while remaining behind locked security without someone pushing the door open and forcing his way in.

Lock rekeys and replacements

Would you like a fresh start with your house locks and keys? Talk to your locksmith about getting some rekey work done. Also consider lock replacement; both tasks offer upgraded security without overspending. A rekey consists of keeping the same lock and only having the inside pins and springs changed. This saves you money over replacement but allows your locksmith to inspect the lock interior and check for damage. It also allows you to start fresh with new keys as the original ones no longer work.

When you replace locks, it is just as it sounds; the old lock is changed out for a new one. Usually this lock is of better quality and offers more protection. Since it’s a new lock, new keys are also required. Now, all still-in-circulation keys are no longer valid on your door and you can distribute new keys as you see fit.