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Transponder Key Problem

You might be wondering what a transponder key is. You may actually own one but not realize that this is what the type of key you have is called. The key that enables you to start your car without placing a key in the ignition is the type of key that is considered a transponder key. You often receive this type of key when you buy a newer model car. With a transponder key you can also unlike the doors of your car without putting a key in the lock. A transponder key has a chip inside of it. Your keys chip sends a signal to a centralized computer that is programmed to your car. Once the signal is picked up it make it possible for the key to unlock and steering to become operable. At this point you will be able to start the ignition of your car. Today transponder keys are very common. They were designed to help prevent auto theft. Prior to a transponder key being designed, car theft was a lot easier. Now, it is almost impossible to steal a car that uses a transponder key unless you actually have the key in your possession. Although transponder keys are more expensive than the average key, it offers far more benefits. When you consider the various benefits for having this type of key, we’re sure you’ll agree that it is worth the added expense. You might also consider some of the disadvantages that come from having a transponder key. However you look at it, at Cedar Park Locksmith we still believe that the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

Our locksmiths will always suggest that you have a spare transponder key made. When you buy your car, the salesman will usually offer you incentives to buy the car that you are looking at. If they offer you an extra transponder key, do yourself a favor and accept it. If they don’t offer you an additional transponder key, you can often negotiate this into the terms if you decide to buy a car. This means that if you have a problem with your existing transponder key, you’ll have a backup key. This could save you time, money and frustration. You will need to make sure that if you do have a spare transponder key that you leave it with someone who will be available to bring it to you when you need it. It wouldn’t make much sense to give it to someone who travels for work. When you have to have a transponder key made it can be a little costly. This is why it is a good idea to negotiate a free one with the salesperson who is attending to you. A locksmith can offer you a transponder key and often for a lot less than an auto dealership; this is unless the dealership is giving you one free of cost.

You should also know that while it might be a lot harder to steal a car that has a transponder key, if the key is also stolen, it won’t be a problem for a thief to hop on in and take off. If your transponder key falls into the wrong hands because it has either fallen out of your pocket or you left them on the counter of somewhere you were doing business, anyone can snatch them up. All they have to do to find your car is go around pressing the start button. This makes it easy for them to easily gain access into your car.

Lost Transponder Keys

The last thing you would want to happen is for your keys to fall into the wrong hands. Since your transponder key is a lot more useful than a standard key, you should make sure you keep it in a secure place. A traditional key is easy to make. All it takes is the right equipment. It’s not that difficult to cut a new key. Again, having a transponder key made can be expensive. This is why it is in your best interest to try to negotiate a free when if you can. If you have lost your transponder key, have the dealership know so that they can program another one for you. This will deactivate the other key. It also protects your car from theft. You never really know if the key is lost or if it as actually stolen. In either case, you will need another transponder key program. A locksmith is also capable of providing you with another transponder key and programming it for you. Most professional locksmith services have all the necessary equipment to program a new transponder key for you.

Transponder Key Not Working

There are some typical reasons why your transponder key might no longer work. Here are some of them:

Manufacturer Defects –

If your transponder key is under warranty and it has been discovered that your key has a manufacturer defect, you’ll be able to receive a new transponder key. If you don’t have a transponder key that is under warranty, you can always depend on the services of our locksmiths for another key.

Communication Trouble –

If your key doesn’t communicate effectively with the centralized computer system, you’re key will not work when it should. This means the computer chip needs to be reprogrammed. The key will then need to be reprogrammed by a qualified professional. You can count on a locksmith to handle this for you.

Object Stuck in the Ignition –

You may not know it but there might be something stuck in the ignition of your car. This will definitely cause you problems with your transponder key. A qualified locksmith will be able to sole the problem for you by safely removing the object from your ignition. In most instances they will be able to remove the object and not have to replace your ignition switch.
You can get your transponder key problems taken care of by a qualified locksmith technician at Cedar Park Locksmith.